About Us

Some people don't understand why we help animals in need. We don't understand why they wonder.

Who are we?

LAC formed in 1995 and was the brainchild of Lynne Mills and soon after joined by Charmian Godfrey. Together, they went from homing handfuls of animals in their own houses to the construction of a full shelter and an entire organisation where, over the years, along with the subsequent volunteers that joined them, LAC has cared for many hundreds of dogs and cats.

LAC is now the mainstay of animal care in the Langebaan community and surrounding areas. We are more than just a shelter; we operate extensive fieldwork, clinics and community outreach programmes to help provide care for the animals, and education and support for their owners.

We work with governmental bodies and law enforcement agencies to bring about change in the way animals are treated.

We are continuing to grow and develop, playing an ever increasing role bringing care, rehabilitation and re-homing to animals in need, and sharing our vision with the community we serve.

What do we do?
Work in the community to educate the public in the care of domestic animals.

We strive constantly to prevent neglect and abuse.

Feed starving animals and ensure that they get water and shelter, wherever possible.

Sterilise pets and explain why this is so important.

We run weekly community clinics.

Care for lost and abandoned pets and help owners to find missing loved ones.

Work with our orphans, by exercising them, training them, rehabilitate them - both mentally and physically and love them. Make them ready for that loving home.

Find the right homes for abandoned and uncared for animals.

Work with the local agencies where we cannot protect the animals ourselves and need intervention.


Our Mission?

To prevent neglect, abuse and cruelty to animals in our local area.

Educate, advise, interact and share the special relationship between owners & pets in our community.


Our Vision?

Our vision is that utopia where everyone that has pet's cares for them properly, exercises them both physically and mentally and most of all love them, as the pets' love is unconditional and ours should be too.