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I'm looking for a new home...

About Boeta

Breed :

mixed breed

Age :

3 years

Sex :


Size :

medium Large

Boeta is a gentle and playful boy. He is actually the most fantastic dog.


Boeta is a lovely dog, almost a dream dog. Gets on well with everybody, human and dogs alike. Fine with Cats and so playful.

Type of home needed

Boeta needs a home where he will get attention. He will need exercise and the home will need to have proper fencing/walls. He will be a great addition to any family.

More about me

Boeta used to live at the Boatyard and whilst he had company in the day, the nights were lonely, so he used to get out from time to time. Sadly, as he got fed more often in town with treats, he started going into town whenever he could and so had to come to the Shelter for his own safety. This is such a sad story. He is really the most wonderful dog.

Come and Meet Me

Important stuff about me

  • I am the best companion you will ever have, choose me!

Want to give me a treat?

Make me a happy doggy and buy me a treat.

Buy me a treat
All our orphans are de-ticked, de-flead, Vaccinated and sterilised
* if too young, will come with an agreement to Sterilize

How Rehoming Works

Thank you for your interest in Boeta. This is the Adoption Procedure, but if you need to know more then please check the FAQ section

  1. If you would like to meet Boeta the first thing that you should do is contact us to arrange an appointment. Please do NOT go to the Shelter, as it is disruptive to the other orphans. Instead please call 078 277 1004 or email animalcarelb@outlook.com.
  2. From here we will discuss your situation and arrange for a meeting away from the Shelter so that you can get to know Boeta in a normal environment.
  3. If we are both happy then we will issue you with an adoption contract to complete, which will then be followed by a home check. We may bring Boeta with, but this does vary as each situation is different.
  4. If the home check is successful, then we will arrange for you to complete the contract, pay the adoption fee and agree on an appropriate time to bring Boeta to your home and to become a member of your family. You will need to make sure that you have all the necessary requirements ready to feed and care for your new family member, but we can advise and help with this.
  5. We do request that you give Boeta at least a week to settle in as it is a totally new environment. However, we will be available for any questions or help that you may need.
  6. If for any reason you cannot keep Boeta, then you are under a contractual obligation to return Boeta to Langebaan Animal Care. Should you have a potential alternative home for Boeta then you should provide us with details and we will go through the adoption process with them. You must not pass Boeta on to any other party or agency. Any adoption fee will be forfeited on return after 6 weeks.
  7. Once you have Boeta at home you are obliged to keep all inoculations and health care up to date.
  8. Most of all enjoy and love your new forever friend - Boeta.
  9. Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some common FAQ's

  1. How much does it cost to adopt?

    Our current adoption fees are:

    R880 for a female dog or puppy.

    R800 for a male dog or puppy.

    R550 for a female cat or kitten.

    R500 for a male cat or kitten.

    These fees help us to cover the costs of caring for all the animals both in the shelter and those we support through our Fieldwork in the community. Every dog adopted from Langebaan Animal Care is:

    • Sterilised (or we will pay for the Sterilisation of a puppy when it comes of age with the approved veterinarians).
    • Vaccinated
    • De-ticked and de-wormed
    • You will also receive advice and support to help your dog settle in.
    • Once they are at home, if you need any help or advice to provide your new Friend for Life with all the care they need just ask us.
  2. I want to know more about this dog, and see more photos.

    Absolutely! Whilst a picture paints a thousand words, often our pets choose us, so the best way is to come and meet your new friend in person, normally for coffee and a cuddle! However, just give us a call to talk through and we can go from there.

  3. Do I need to make an appointment to visit the Shelter?

    Yes, both we and the animals are busy, busy, busy but we will always make time to set up a proper meeting. It is really important that you get to meet your new Family member in the right environment, so we will make sure that this happens from the start. The Shelter is a place for the animals and not a drop-in centre, so it is always best to make an appointment to meet them properly.

  4. How long does the re-homing process take?

     Every adoption is treated as an individual case, so while the process normally takes about a week, it can be shorter or longer depending on a number of factors, and this should not be taken as a guarantee.

  5. What is the re-homing process?

    Langebaan Animal Care always do our very best to find the right owner and dog or cat as they are all special to us.

    We ask you to complete an application form, so that we have your background information.

    We will ensure that the pet is introduced to you and any other family members (including pets) and that you are happy together.

    From there we will need to do a home check and once this is approved you may be able to take your new family member home.

    You may not find your perfect new family member at the first visit, and occasionally dogs might need to get to know their new owners more gradually, over several visits.

    Whenever you discuss a dog with a member of Langebaan Animal Care, their needs will be explained to you so that you know what to expect.

    If you know there is a big event (moving house, going on holiday, a new baby) coming up soon, it's best to start the process after everything has settled down, so that whenever you welcome your new pet, you're ready for them.

  6. What is the LAC policy regarding Sterilisation?

    We sterilise all our dogs and cats before they are adopted. If, however, they are too young, you will be required to sign a contract agreeing for them to be sterilized at the age of 6 months. We cover the cost provided that you use one of the approved veterinarians.

  7. What are you looking for in home checks?

    We do home checks to ensure that the environment that you are taking the pet into is appropriate to the pet that you are adopting.

    We will check such things as:

    • Fencing
    • Where the pet is to be kept, both day and night.
    • If the garden size is appropriate to the pet.
    • If the garden area is safe – are swimming pools fenced off or covered?
    • What other pets you already have.
    • Family members may need consideration.
    • Do you own or rent, if the latter do you have permission from the Landlord to adopt a pet?
  8. How old do you have to be to adopt a pet?

    You must be at least 21 years old.

  9. What do I do if I have any concerns with my new pet?

    Contact us and we will discuss these with you and advise as best we can. It is always good to contact us sooner than later if you have any concerns, but obviously give your pet time to adapt to their new family and surroundings.

  10. What do I do if I cannot keep my adopted pet?

    If for any reason you cannot keep your adopted pet then contact us immediately. As part of the contract you agree to do this. If you have a person that is prepared to take over the pet you will surrender the pet to us and then we will do a home check before they can adopt the pet.

  11. Can you tell me the size a puppy will become?

    Unfortunately not in every case as we very seldom have any knowledge about the “fathers” of the litter. In older dogs, we usually have no idea regarding breed of either parent, so the gene pool is always left open to debate.

    Based on our experience we try our utmost to make an educated guess based upon the puppy’s age, bone structure and height at the time of adopting.