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Could you Foster one of our Orphans?

by Langebaan Animal Care

Could you help with Foster Care? We are always looking for people to foster our Orphans while we find them permanent homes. Dogs, Cats, Puppies, and Kittens - all of them are better in Foster Care than in the Shelter. Our Shelter Volunteers do a great job in the time that they have to walk, give basic training and love to all of our Orphans, but they really need more than that. It may be that you can look after a pet for a couple of days or weeks. Some people are only here in the summer or cannot have a pet of their own because they go on holidays a lot. You could be the ideal person for fostering. The pets will be with you for the period of time that suits you and not just left. We will still be committed to finding them their "Forever Home".

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Fostering Procedure

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Fostering Procedure

Our Fostering Procedure

  1. If you would like to foster the first thing is to consider is the type of foster that you are prepared to do.
    • Is it a particular dog/cat/puppy/kitten?
    • Is it that you know that you can help, but need to discuss the best way forward?
    • Are you able to care for animals that are recovering from operations until they can go back to their own home?
  2. You may need help in making that decision, but in any event please call 078 277 1004 or email animalcarelb@outlook.com.
  3. From here we will discuss your situation and if we are both happy then we will issue you with a foster care contract to complete, which will then be followed by a home check. This is needed to ensure that your home is appropriate for the animal that you are caring for.
  4. If the home check is successful, then we will arrange for you to complete the contract and from here the next steps will vary in accordance with the type of foster.
  5. We will provide all the necessary food for the animal and any veterinary care at any of our approved welfare veterinaries.
  6. If you did decide to keep the animal, if appropriate, at this stage you would need to complete an adoption application and contract and pay the appropriate adoption fee, if approved, as explained in the Adoption Procedure, but all will be more straight forward as the checks will have been done.
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Fostering FAQ's

Our Fostering FAQ's

  1. Do Langebaan Animal Care need Foster carers?

    Yes we do. Animals will always be better off in a home than a shelter. It will enable them to get much better attention and more easily adoptable. Some animals just do not do well in the shelter environment; so foster care for them is essential. We also do not like to leave cats and kittens or puppies in the Shelter, as it is not appropriate. Sometimes we also just need to care for an animal that is recovering from an operation or accident, where the owner is not is a position to cope with the recuperation.

  2. Do I have to apply to Foster and if so what does it entail?

    Yes you do. As explained above, we will ask you to fill out an application form, so that we can ascertain the type of animal most suited to your circumstances. We will do a home check to ensure that everything is in order and it gives you a chance to ask any further questions that you may have. We will then both sign a foster care contract.

  3. What skills do I need to foster a pet?

    You do not need particular skills, but you do need to be confident with the pet that you are fostering. Some people naturally foster cats and other lean towards dogs. This is fine. You are merely giving the pet a loving healthy and safe environment until such time as they return to their own home or find their Forever home.

  4. How old do you have to be to foster a pet?

    You must be at least 21 years old.

  5. How long will I foster a pet for?

    To be honest this depends. It may literally be an overnight issue or it may be more long term. However, we can assure you that you are by no means expected to take care of any pet longer than you want to. You are always in control of the maximum time a pet is in your care, if you feel that it is too long or circumstances have changed.

    It is something that we will discuss fully at the home visit.

  6. Do I have to take whatever pet I am given or can I decline?

    You are always at liberty to decline a pet, as there may be something that makes the pet or timing appropriate.

  7. What if I want to adopt my foster pet?

    We would be thrilled to have you give your foster pet a permanent home - with one exception. There is a point during the adoption process where we commit to our adopters that they will get a particular pet. If that point has been reached with your pet, (i.e., if the home visit has been completed, they have met the pet, and they have been led to believe they will get to adopt the pet), then it is too late. Any other time, though, and the pet can be yours to keep! We will however still need to follow the adoption procedures.

  8. What if the pet needs to go to the vet?

    Langebaan Animal Care will pay for the vet care at one of our approved welfare veterinaries. Just call us to discuss before you make the appointment!

  9. What if I have to go out of town when I have a foster?

    No problem! Let us know of your plans as early as possible and we will find a temporary foster for your foster pet.

  10. What if I cannot foster all of the time?

    You can still help the pets! When fosters go out of town, we need people who can foster temporarily to give the pet a place to stay! In addition, we often need places for pets to stay after veterinary care or for various reasons. We understand that many fosterers cannot always foster, but that does not preclude them from fostering when they are available. They are no less valuable.

  11. What if I want to help but cannot foster?

    Not a problem! There is always plenty that you can help with as you will see from our volunteer section or maybe you do not have any spare time, but can help us financially. This can be with one off or regular donations or you could even join The Breakfast Club.