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Do you have some time to spare?

by Langebaan Animal Care

Even a couple of hours a week make a difference and some duties don't even need that. We are looking for all sorts of people for all sorts of activities. Please don't think that just because you can't think of what you could do that there isn't a place for you, I am sure that there will be.

Everybody that volunteers has their own personal reasons for doing so, but here are some of the benefits:

  • You get to walk or work with animals.
  • You will have fun.
  • You will make new friends, as you are actually starting with something in common.
  • It may help with choosing a career or career change.
  • Increase your self-confidence and learn new skills, or find ones that you were not aware of.
  • Earn recommendations for future employment or college applications.
  • you have the satisfaction of knowing that your time has been spent helping those that do not have a voice to ask for help.

Volunteer positions exist across the board, but here are some ideas:

  • Dog walker/Trainer - this is not just a walk, it is a social interaction, giving love, training and the care that the dogs need to become ready for that forever home.
  • Foster-care for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens - all needed and makes so much difference to the chances and success of re-homing.
  • Maintenance and refurbishment of the shelter and clinic container. Skilled or unskilled, willing is most important.
  • Help build the kennels for the "Houses for Hounds" project.
  • Drivers - to take animals to the vet for their routine treatments, which helps to release the fieldworkers to carry on with their work in the community helping animals. Also, we need people that can pick up supplies and donated items for us from time to time.
  • Field and Clinic workers - are you prepared to help directly in the community to give water, feed and care for the less well treated animals and assist in educating their owners. This is a challenging and most rewarding experience. A lot of people find the thought of doing this daunting, but when they actually do it are hooked.
  • Public Relations and Marketing - keeping us on the right track with the public and encouraging sponsorship and corporate partners to come onboard.
  • Social Media - anything internet! We have a website/Facebook and are always looking for people to help from daily updates to maintenance.
  • Fundraising - well this covers a multitude of things - running events, helping at events, baking, sewing, making things, tin collections, anything that you can think of to raise funds to help us to do more in the community to make the animals lives better.
  • Lost and Found - helping with looking for lost animals - so you could just help here when necessary or could choose to run this area, up to you. Similarly, helping to publicise the found animals by getting posters out in the right places and notifying the facebook and/or website administrator.
  • Committee member - we are striving to become the best we can be and accept that there is always someone that can do things better, so don't think that if your ideal role is taken that you should not apply. Exactly the contrary. If you think that you can help ask, as we do find that by changing roles we can rejuvenate and keep fresh.
  • Law Enforcement Liaison - are you the person to keep everything going with the various Law Enforcement and SAPs issues that we are dealing with on a daily basis? This is the role for somebody that is organised, patient, persistent and diplomatic whilst expecting and obtaining results. If that sounds like you, then we need you.
  • Legal advice - do you have a legal background? It is always good to have someone that can read and draw up legal documents, even if not qualified to perform legal services.
  • Community Liaison - keeping us in touch with the community and ensuring that we have the best relations to help our fieldworkers to help the animals
  • Talks to children/adults - to speak to the children and in some case adults about how to care for their pets. Education is the only way to stop the abuse cycle. You do not need to be a qualified teacher, just someone that can relate to children and/or adults.

The list goes on - if you are interested then click here to contact us.

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