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Feral Cats Guidelines

by Langebaan Animal Care

Feral Cats Guidelines

Firstly, we have 2 types of “Feral Cats” in Langebaan.
1 - Cats that have got lost, been left behind or simply thrown out.
2 - Cats that are born in the “wild” and by no means tame.

The biggest problem is their capacity to breed - 2 Cats over 8 years can breed to 2,072,514.

Please remember this next time you decide to feed the roaming cats! Unless you get them fixed the 2 cats will in no time become 8 cats and so on. It is cheaper for you to pay for the 2 that you want to feed to be sterilised than to feed the ever growing colony that you will create. The sad thing is that the end result will be that they will become a nuisance in the area and be euthanised.

We are not saying let cats starve - we need them sterilised, so here is a rough guide!

If you have feral cats around you then we do have options. We have far too few cat traps (we did have 5 but 2 of which went missing and have never been given back).

Call Ella on 076 865 0584 and explain the issue. Please do not expect an immediate solution as if the traps are out, they are out.

If the cats are genuinely feral and you have no intention of helping them and they are causing a nuisance then we will trap them and take them to the SPCA in Vredenburg.
If the cats are feral and you are happy to continue feeding them, then we will trap them and you can pay to have them sterilised and returned to you to be released.
If the cats are “tame” then we can trap them and firstly try to identify them and then sterilise and try and find the original home and/or a foster home. Please understand that we do not have a Cattery but do intend to build one in the new Shelter. Sadly, the area that was put up as a Cattery is not a good environment to keep a cat.
Kittens - there are so many of them but again we will catch them and hopefully find foster and then permanent homes.
Pregnant Cats - trap them and then decide what we can do from here.

Please do not ever trap cats from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. There is nowhere to take them as the SPCA is closed as are the Vets.
If you do not know how to trap cats then please don’t just guess, cats are intelligent and you will not necessarily get second chances.
Never leave a cat trap set and not monitored every couple of hours at least.
Remember, you are just as likely to catch your neighbours cat by mistake, so be careful.

All of the above is a rough guide, but please understand that we love our animals, which is why we dedicate our lives to this role.



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