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Fieldwork and Clinic

by Langebaan Animal Care

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Prevention is better than cure!

Although we run a Shelter for injured, abused or homeless animals, it is better if we can ensure that they are healthy and well cared for in a home of their own.

Therefore, Clinic and Fieldwork are an incredibly important part of Langebaan Animal Care.

We have some fantastic volunteers that help us to help the community and their pets.

In short – we run a weekly clinic to provide basic care and food for the pets, as well as educating about caring for pets and helping with sterilizations, de-worming, tick and flea dips, inoculations etc.

We also do fieldwork in the community to help prevent abuse and maltreatment of pets and help feed and care for them, especially from the donations of The Breakfast Club.

What's Happening?

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Every week we run a Clinic at our “Container Centre”, which is situated at the entrance to Seaview Park. The purpose of the Clinic is to enable the local people ensure that their pets get the appropriate care and protection. This is run by Jackie Du Plessis and assisted by locals as well as the normal Volunteer team.

We dip the pets for tick and flea treatment; pets are de-wormed and we check for and treat minor injuries.

Any more serious injuries we refer to the local Veterinary.

We work with the Community Service Vet who is also available to the local Community and treats the pets that need Veterinary care.

On Clinic days, we provide food for local pets and discuss the best way to care for their pets.

We are working on educating local pet owners in the need for sterilisations to eradicate the excessive number of pets that they just cannot afford.

Fighting Animal Cruelty

Our Team carry out Fieldwork visits most days and are always on call for emergency cases. These can range from organizing a search for lost or stolen pets, animals involved in accidents etc but far too often we have to deal with cases of deliberate dog attacks, dog fighting etc and even brutal beatings, stabbings and hackings of animals. Without Langebaan Animal Care, these animals often go untreated and the perpetrators escape prosecution.


We are continuing to see a rise in illegal breeding. In just 2 months in Langebaan over 40 pitbull puppies were born and some being sold. Whilst the breed is actually very lovely, they are also highly intelligent and need specific training. In many Countries, the breed is banned, as the damage that they can cause to other dogs, children and adults alike is horrific.


We do also get calls out about feral cats, which are causing mayhem and attacking the domestic cats. Most are simply living on the streets and get injured, so need urgent medical treatment.

“Kitten season” is a genuine phenomenon where, due to the length of daylight, environmental temperature, and the presence of other cats, newly born kittens turn up in vast numbers of separate litters. Even if people know of the new litter, many cruelly dump them whilst others simply hand them over to Langebaan Animal Care.

Neutering to prevent the birth of so many unwanted kittens is the only way the numbers of cats and kittens who end up stray, unwanted, abandoned or put to sleep because they have no home, can be reduced.


Our Fieldworkers led by Elle Groenewald check the area from both our vehicle and on foot, making sure that the animals have sufficient food, water and shelter. It is a constant struggle to try to educate some people that food, water and shade are essential requirements for pets but we offer kennels through our Houses for Hounds Project (H4H) run by Tracy Mistry.

Where they find dogs that are not being kept properly, on chains that are digging into their necks or too short, then they speak to the owners and when they can, replace the existing chains with something more appropriate.

They are constantly checking for dogs that are abused in any way and organising veterinary treatment, where needed – the cost of which often needs to be met by Langebaan Animal Care.

If the pet is mistreated and the owner can be persuaded to hand them over, then our Team take the animals into our care. First stop is to the Veterinary and then onto the Shelter, where the Shelter Volunteers take over and care for them, rehabilitate them and make them homeable in the loving homes that they deserve.

We also get to help birds as some youngsters have decided to start breeding them without a clue as to how to care for them. We cannot stop this all we can do is help.

Without the Langebaan Animal Care Clinic and Fieldwork, the plight of animals in the area would be unthinkable.

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